Which Type of Caravan Insurance Cover do I Need?

Caravans are extremely popular in the UK – with so many beautiful parts of the country to explore they offer an ideal means of transportation and accommodation rolled into one. Unfortunately many people make the assumption that having their caravan covered under their car insurance is enough. This is usually not the case as car insurance will only cover your caravan when it is attached to the car and usually only cover it for breakdowns. It will not cover your caravan for risks such as vandalism, theft and structural damage. If you want to have a decent level of coverage you must take out a dedicated policy. In this article I’ll take a look at the different types of cover available and how to go about getting a quote.

Types of Cover

When getting a caravan insurance policy the first thing you must decide upon is what type of cover you’re going to get. There are two main types of cover for caravans. Those being – static caravan insurance and touring caravan insurance. The names are fairly self-explanatory so you just need to decide how you use your caravan and which policy is most suited to your needs. If you keep your caravan in one place for most of the year then a static insurance policy will be the right choice. However if you use your caravan for travelling around the country on a regular basis then a touring policy is what you’ll need.

Depending on which insurance company you take out a policy with, different things will be covered. For example some companies may cover for fire and flood damage but not for storms. Some might provide cover for theft of electronic items but not for jewellery. You should think about what the biggest risks to your caravan are and find out if you will be covered for them. It’s very important to make a list of all the items in your caravan and ideally take pictures of them. This will be extremely helpful should you need to make a claim.

Getting Quotes

Getting quotes for caravan insurance couldn’t be simpler. You can do a search online for caravan insurance and you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to companies who offer it. Most of them will allow you to obtain a quote online by filling in a few pieces of information. Since getting quotes is very simple now, you should aim to get as many as possible and then contact the companies you like the most. You should be able to do some negotiating with them if you have lower quotes available to hand. This is a great way to save money on your policy. Also be sure to have your caravan well secured as this can also help in lowering the cost of your policy.

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