Student Lee is off to Monte Carlo in self made caravan!

Caravans are something that many people in the UK are extremely passionate about. There’s a unique charm that a caravan gives that no other vehicle can match. In fact one student from Suffolk was so enamoured with caravans that he decided that he was going to build a caravan for his A-level design and technology project. Read the full details of this remarkable story be clicking the headline.

Student Lee is off to Monte Carlo in self made caravan


When student Lee Parker revealed his ambition to build a caravan for his A-level work, his teacher thought he was joking.


Not only did the industrious Stowmarket High School 
pupil assemble the vehicle from the chassis up, he plans to take the finished project on a summer tour to Monte Carlo.

Jim Bannister, head of design and technology, said: “I stated that if he made a caravan I would sleep in it for a night. After a few weeks had passed and his caravan actually started to take shape I realised that I may have to stand by my words.”

The teardrop caravan took one academic year to complete as part of Lee’s Year 13 A-level Product Design course.

The 18-year-old started by fabricating and welding flat sheet steel to make the chassis to hold the teardrop pod.

He then constructed the marine ply pod from the base up with some pine for structural elements.




Another student from Wrexham has taken her love for caravans and used it to create a unique ‘gadget tidy’ which was inspired by her parents touring caravan. Read more details below.


Student creates Bailey Pageant gadget tidy for GCSE course


A student from Wrexham has embraced her love of caravans by getting creative and making a ‘gadget tidy’ as part of her GCSE resistant materials course.

Kelly Richardson, a pupil of Ysgol y Grango at Rhos, was inspired by her parents’ Bailey Pageant tourer and created a device that would be used to store her X-Box, controllers, games and CD collection.

Parents Simon and Heather, from Johnstown, purchased the real mobile home from a Shrewsbury caravan dealership Salop Leisure and the family made a special trip to the site to show the model to sales executive George Harris.

Scott Higgins, Salop Leisure’s sales and marketing manager, said: “We are delighted that the touring caravan that we sold to the Richardson family has inspired this fantastic gadget tidy design by Kelly and we wish her well with her examinations this summer.”

Kelly added that her family were looking forward to heading to Barmouth in the Bailey caravan for their summer holiday.




It shows just how popular caravans are when they’re inspiring students to create in such unique ways as shown in the stories above.

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