Caravan manufacturer ‘rises to the challenge’

There’s no doubting that the recession hit a lot of businesses hard. With so many people without work and as a result no money to spend on luxuries, it makes sense that a lot of businesses would suffer as a result. However one caravan manufacturer has managed to weather the storm of the financial crisis and is still posting very healthy profits. Bailey Caravans, which is the largest brand of touring caravans in the UK has reported turnover of more than £90m in its latest financial report, which although is down slightly from 2011, is still considered to be a success. Read the full story by clicking the headline.

Caravan manufacturer ‘rises to the challenge’


The parent company of Bailey Caravans has reported turnover of more than £90m in its latest financial results.

The Bristol-based business said it has “risen to the challenge” of the current economic climate with the creation of new products and targeting new markets.

Keenwork Ltd, the parent company of Bailey Caravans, posted a turnover of £92.5m for the year to 31 December 2012 – up from £89.9m in the previous year.

But despite the rise, profit fell from £3.6m in 2011 to £3m.

Bailey, which is the largest single brand of touring caravans in the UK, has more than 250 members of staff employed at its site. The company was founded in 1948.

In the directors’ report, the company said: “The economic climate created a difficult environment but Bailey Caravans has risen to the challenge and developed new products and new markets.

“The results for the year and the financial position at the year end were considered satisfactory by the directors.”




In Hart, the council has decided that a caravan storage site at Litte Bramshot Farm is to be closed in June which has left many caravan owners distraught. Read more details below.


Council rules caravan storage site must close


DISTRAUGHT caravan owners fear they may be forced to sell their holiday homes if a storage site between Fleet and Farnborough closes down.

Hart District Council has ruled the storage site at Little Bramshot Farm in Cove Road must close by June 20 after serving an enforcement notice.

Hart corporate director Daryl Phillips said it was first brought to the council’s attention that caravan storage was taking place without planning permission in 2009.

Site owner Linda Timms said Hart originally refused permission because the farm lay in the ‘strategic gap’ between Fleet and Farnborough.

She added that councillors issued a two-year enforcement period as the government had just announced that all local authorities had to devise new planning laws to comply with the new National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).




Caravaning has always been popular in the UK and that trend looks set to continue. There are many caravan parks all over the country so it’s an ideal place for those who like to explore the great outdoors. Of course with there being so many caravan sites it’s inevitable that some will be closed as is reported in the second story. Any new caravan owners should always do their research and decide which is the right caravan for their needs and of course have a good insurance policy in place.

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