Burglars hit homes of caravan owners

Owning a caravan can be a great pleasure but unfortunately it does come with its own risks. Most of these risks can be covered with a good insurance policy although sometimes it isn’t the caravan itself that’s at risk. Home owners in East Riding have recently experienced a spate of burglaries which the policy believe is connected to the occupants owning a caravan. It’s believed that burglars are targeting homes when a caravan being packed and prepared for a holiday. Read more details below

Burglars hit homes of caravan owners


BURGLARS are targeting caravan owners’ homes when they go away for the weekend.

Police believe thieves are scouring the East Riding searching for people cleaning and packing caravans on their driveways.

Since January, 11 houses have been burgled after the occupants went away in their caravans.

Detective Inspector Joanne Roe, from the serious acquisitive crime team, said: “I have a strong suspicion homes have been specifically targeted to be burgled after the offender has toured around the East Riding looking for caravan owners.

“I believe they are making note of any that look like they are getting ready to go away.

“The majority of the burglaries have happened across a weekend, which is what led me to my theory. I believe homes with caravans parked outside their addresses are being watched in the days prior to them going on a trip.”


Source: http://www.thisishullandeastriding.co.uk/


A caravan site that has been unused for almost 13 years is set to reopen next week. The Porthcrawl caravan site was closed in the year 2000 due to the council wanting to use it as part of a regeneration scheme. However it has gone unused since that time so it’s now set to reopen which is great news for caravan owners. Read more below


Porthcawl caravan park to reopen after lying ‘derelict for more than a decade’


A famous Porthcawl caravan site will welcome visitors for the first time in more than a decade next week.

Sandy Bay Touring Site will reopen for business on Monday on land close to the Hi Tide Inn.

The former site – a mainstay of the seaside town’s tourism industry – was controversially closed by the council in 2000, in part to free up the prime seafront site for Porthcawl’s regeneration scheme.

But the seafront dune expanse remained unused for 12 years, with Hi Tide Inn director Geoff Dower branding it “derelict for a decade”.

Calls to reopen the site have persisted for more than a decade, with residents and campaigners arguing the lack of overnight stopover facilities for camper vans has led to a clogging up of the seafront with overnight parkers.


Source: http://www.walesonline.co.uk/


It’s the job of every caravan owner to make safety a top priority. The caravan should never be overloaded when it’s been transported and there should always be adequate insurance in place. Keep checking back for the latest caravan news

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