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Enjoy your caravan with complete peace of mind by getting it insured with a comprehensive policy. 

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Multiquote Caravan
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 Take the time and stress out of getting insurance quotes by getting them all from one place. 

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Multiquote Caravan

Buy the right insurance for your caravan

It’s important for caravan owners whether they have a static or touring caravan to buy the right insurance.  It’s equally as important to weigh up the pros and cons of each policy to get comprehensive cover for one of your most prized possessions.  Ensure you begin drawing up a list of potential insurance providers, do some research about policies and be prepared to buy the best possible caravan insurance available.  It doesn’t cost anything to request a caravan insurance quote online to:-

  • compare prices and key policy features
  • receive quotes from a selected panel of UK caravan insurance specialists
  • benefit from the services of reputable online insurance brokers
  • receive quotations for static caravans, touring caravans, park homes and motorhomes

Caravan towing tips

In the news recently there has been an article about an accident involving a car towing a caravan and another vehicle near the town of Dalwhinnie in Scotland.  Four people were actually taken to hospital, however thankfully nobody was seriously injured, due to this incident there have been fresh tips and advice provided online from caravan experts regarding towing a caravan in order to avoid a similar accident that could result in caravan insurance claims.  There are three important facts to consider when towing a caravan namely:-

  • use a suitable car for towing
  • a caravan must be loaded correctly
  • remember to drive at sensible speeds

This type of commonsense advice can help caravan owners to stay clear of such accidents and reduce the chances of having to make a claim on their caravan insurance.

Do your homework

When searching for caravan insurance it’s worth remembering that each insurance company has different parameters concerning their insurance policies, cover prices, customer eligibility and customer service.  It’s advisable not to plump for the cheapest caravan insurance or the first quote you are offered, shop around, do your homework to find the best deal for yourself and not for the insurance firm, after all caravan insurance is a very competitive market which benefits caravan owners much more than insurers.  The Internet is the easiest place to look for insurance for your caravan, there are literally hundreds of caravan insurance websites to choose from with most of the UK’s established insurance brokers listing their policies and prices in an easy-to-read format.

Getting Quotes Quickly & Easily

There is no time like the present to take care of the insurance for your caravan. The good news is that getting quotes is a lot quicker and easier than you think. After providing a bit of information about your policy needs you’ll have access to a range of tailored quotes from a panel of caravan insurance specialists. Then all you have to do is look through them and decide which is best for you. Just click the red button below to get started now.


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